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A Javascript SDK for Hyper's API


Node.js Projects

npm install @http-samc/hyper

Web Projects

Coming soon!


Client Initialization

The Hyper API Client is the default export and needs to be supplied to all calls. It validates and holds your API secret key and an (optional) logger function for development purposes. Import and initialize it as follows:

import { Client } from 'hyper'

const client = Hyper('my-hyper-secret-key')

API Calls

Besides the API Client, each 'category' of endpoints are able to be imported on an as-needed basis via named imports. These are provided as namespaces and their methods correspond to available API calls. You can import them as follows:

import { License, Link, Payment, Product, Waitlist } from 'hyper'

// Use the API by calling the methods of the imported namespaces

// Calls /v6/licenses/{license}

API Responses

This library is asynchronous, meaning that you'll need to use either await or .then() to wait for a resolved value. All endpoints return a Promise that resolves to a HyperApiResponse. This object contains the response json as-is, straight from the server with the addition of an ok boolean property for easy error checking.

Some endpoints resolve to a HyperApiPaginatedResponse, a child of HyperApiResponse. This type of response adds intuitive next() and previous() methods, which can be used to quickly navigate paginated endpoints. They return null once you reach a page that doesn't exist, so use the has_more property (supplied on all paginated endpoints) and make sure you aren't calling a page less than 1 before calling either method.


This library is open-sourced under an MIT license and was written by Samarth Chitgopekar. It is not officially recognized, endorsed, or maintained by Hyper.

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